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About Us


Fashion, comfort, and sustainability, three elements that are difficult to merge, come together effortlessly in our innovative footwear brand Joy & Mario. Established in Los Angeles, California just a few seasons ago, Joy & Mario brings together an experienced team of designers to develop an unrivaled collection of fashion footwear.

Led by Koko Zhang, the Joy & Mario team has re-tooled the classic Spanish espadrille for the modern, active lifestyle. Koko’s extensive background in athletic footwear led to the use of Phylon, a lightweight, flexible and shock absorbent material that replaces the stiff jute sole found on traditional espadrilles. By combining the classic espadrille silhouette with a fresh sole and technologically advanced materials, our shoes evolve in both comfort and style.

Joy & Mario takes innovation one step further, committing to a mission that incorporates sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.  All our shoes are manufactured using natural or recycled materials and fabrics. We even use elements like non-toxic glue that is both environmentally friendly and water-soluble! Our company owns our own shoe factory which allows us to control all elements of the design and manufacturing process, ensuring that your Joy & Mario shoes are made with fair labor practices while retaining high quality.